Player Code of Conduct

As a player to the Armonk Lacrosse Club organization, I promise to:

  1. Attend all practices and games prepared to play, ready to learn, and with all necessary equipment.
  2. Treat all players on my team and other teams with respect and consideration.
  3. Practice good sportsmanship with all coaches, referees, and other players; refrain from all abusive language.
  4. Refrain from reckless or inappropriate physical contact.
  5. Be respectful to my teammates by following the practice and game while on the sidelines.

Parent Code of Conduct

As a parent of the Armonk Lacrosse Club organization, I promise to:

  1. Get my child to the field prepared and on time.
  2. Pick up my child from any lacrosse activity on time.
  3. Be a supportive, encouraging parent on the sidelines without being a distraction or intrusive; at no time is a parent allowed on the field.
  4. Respect the calls of the referee.
  5. Respect the philosophy of the coach and his/her coaching style. Never approach a coach on the field or have any sort of confrontation whatsoever.
  6. Discuss all issues with my child's coach privately and at a time away from the game.
  7. Refrain from unsportsmanlike and poor parenting behavior, including verbal or physical abuse of players, coaches, referees, and other spectators at all lacrosse events.


USA Lacrosse Code of Conduct Policy